WATCH: Qu’ran wielding ex-Muslim woman forcibly removed as Muslim prayer in schools issue reaches boiling point

Parent wants answers about 'exclusive' prayer accommodation for Muslim students

Parent wants answers about ‘exclusive’ prayer accommodation for Muslim students

Delegations at the Peel District School Board’s Tuesday, Jan. 10 meeting descended into a spectacle that encapsulated the tension surging through the room. Given the police presence and increased security at the HJA Brown Education Centre, it was clear staff were anticipating blow-back from a report on the agenda regarding religious accommodation for Muslim students.

One Palestinian woman, an ex-Muslim who spoke from experience, and could clearly speak both english as well as fluent Arabic, had a strong message for the parents and school board staff gathered there, as well as a warning to all Canadians about the danger of allowing Islamic-inspired laws, customs and policies to become embedded in Canadian society, as well as the minds of young Canadians:

A decision on the matter was presented at the, at times, hostile meeting on Jan. 10 that drew crowds of varying opinions, as well as beefed-up security.

Here’s a partial transcript from the video:
I am ex-muslim – I am trying to warn Canada – I know the Qu’ran in Arabic
Canada will not bow for Allah – Canada will not bow for Sharia Law
Canada will not bow for Allah…Allah is Satan…
Muhammad is a false prophet – Muhammad is a liar
They wanted to kill me – Allah is the false prophet – he’s a liar, he says: ‘whoever changes their religion kill them’
I am ex-muslim I was raised in Saudi Arabia
I am warning Canada! I am warning Canada for Islamization!
I love Canada I came to Canada to live under Canadian law – not sharia law
Qu’ran is a hate book – this is hate literature! This should not be in schools!
I can give you all the evidence – I speak with evidence! I speak with evidence
I have evidence of Canadian Imams calling for jihad in Canada
We will be protesting every Saturday at Yonge-Dundas Square Toronto
I want real Canadians to join me – I want a real movement in Canada
WE NEED TO STOP THIS – Trudeau betrayed Canada
I am Palestinian, they teach me: I have to kill the Jewish people I have to kill the Christians
we have to do jihad, we have to go for war – THIS IS ISLAM
you have to see the truth the way it is – I am not saying myself
this is Canadian Imams saying this – I have the evidence
this is cults – this is Canadian Imams
AT EVERY MOSQUE IN CANADA they teach jihad, they teach killing
they teach killing for the kids and the school board they want to bring it to the kids


The woman identifies herself in the video as a founder of Canadians against Islamization of Canada, and informs everyone she will be demonstrating in the public square at Yonge-Dundas in Toronto. That public square is often the location where Muslims are found proselytizing the public concerning Islam.

Interestingly, immediately following the boil-over of tensions, the long-time Education director Tony Pontes announced he was going to bow out from the Peel school board.

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