The Paris Attacks were Islamic attacks

The Paris attacks were a horrific series of attacks that left over one hundred people dead. As usual, in the immediate aftermath, the world was bombarded by images, quotes, twitters and interviews, all involving an Islamic apologist, assuring anyone who will listen, that the attacks were NOT a product of Islam, but of people who had ‘perverted’ Islam. cute-little-muslim-baby-holing-holy-quran

Is this true or not? Also, why do we always hear this same thing following attacks like those in California and Paris? Nobody ever seriously questions that when violence is done in the name of Christ that it is an aberration of the teachings of Christ. Yet, when violence is done in the name of Islam, and attributed to the teachings of Muhammad, we are always quickly reminded by Islam apologists that it is in fact, not ‘true’ Islam, and the attackers were not ‘true’ Muslims.

There is a part of the problem then – most people in the ‘west’, do not understand Islam, nor are they familiar with the teachings of it’s prophet, you know, the one you cannot draw, who is constantly offended. Are we listening to the apologists uncritically? Are we doing any due diligence at all in terms of informing ourselves concerning what Islam really is, and what the teachings of it’s prophet really are? The media is certainly not doing so for us…so shouldn’t we be examining these matters more closely for ourselves?

David Wood has done so, and he has a few very pertinent remarks concerning just how Islamic the Paris attacks were, in light of the teachings of the prophet of Islam. No matter what your opinion on the matter is, if you want to actually have an informed opinion, it is good to examine the text of the Qu’ran for yourself, and in this brief video, David Wood helps you do just that.