Woman struck by lightning while strolling on beach in São Paulo


A woman was struck by LIGHTNING while walking along the beach in São Paulo. The victim has been named as 25-year-old Taline Campos, and it is said she was hit directly in the head by a lightning bolt.

Footage of the exact moment the lightening bolt struck was recorded by an onlooker filming the storm in Itanhaém on the coast of São Paulo. This shocking clip shows the young woman, who has been named locally as 25-year-old Taline Campos, walking casually on the beach during the storm. As the camera pans to the left, the lightening strikes the young woman in the head.

Other people on the beach at the time of the incident reportedly called for help using the Brazilian Urgent Service Mobile Emergency Service. The condition of the injured woman, who is believed to live in Guarulhos, a city in the São Paulo metropolitan area, is unknown.

Taline Campos

Taline Campos